Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Sean!

This past month we celebrated Sean's birthday.  To him, birthdays are no big deal so we kept it simple.  We ate at his favorite fast food place and had some cake with seven minute frosting.   

Funny Side Story: Sean always gets a call from his grandparents on his birthday and his grandpa was telling him that when he was small his mom would make cake with seven minute frosting.  Sean was shocked!  He said, Grandpa!  That is what Heike makes!  We told him the next time we visit we will make him cake with seven minute frosting.  It's the best!  

Sean is amazing.  I am lucky.  Seriously.

I could write about all the super cute stuff he does for me but in the end I think he would be super embarrassed.  Safe to say, he puts me 100% first.  Countless times he has told me to go relax while he cleans the kitchen or he does midnight runs to the grocery store because, well, let's be honest, I have no desire to go.  He's trustworthy, easy going, quick to apologize and makes me laugh and giggle.  He's the best snuggler and fills my love bucket.  He knows what I want or what I am thinking just by how I say, "Honey."  And can I say, I'm super duper attracted to him!!!!  

Every minute I spend with him is not nearly enough.  

Love you Sean!

Chinatown City Race

We accomplished another City Race!  This time I called up my dad and asked if he wanted to join Sean and I with a race around Chinatown.  He agreed.  My mom came too, but we left her on a bench to people watch.  She was also our internet lifeline.

This race was unique because it was on the same day as the Moon Festival.  Chinatown was packed!  I really havent spent time in Chinatown so it was a very fun and new experience.  We ended up getting third but that was partly because the event planners didn't give us vital information for getting extra points.  

Here are a few of the clues we had to figure out.

Some of the clues are easy enough that you could just google them.

Other clues required you to actually go to places.

This race was a bit more interactive then the other ones I have participated in.  We had to figure out a clue that led us to an open market where we were to look for a certain individual.  That person ended up giving us incense that we took to a Buddhist temple.  Dad did the honors of lighting it before we received our next clue.  This was more like the Amazing Race then other challenges.  

Afterwards we were hungry for Chinese food.  So we left Chinatown and headed to Glendale.  :)  Even though we could have found someplace to each in Chinatown, we were itching to go back to one of our favorite restaurants, Panda Inn.  

In the end I believe my dad had a really fun time.  My mom had a great time people watching too.  There was plenty of it since the festival was going on at the same time.  As I always say after a race, I would highly recommend it.  I have so much fun on them!