Sunday, November 4, 2012


 We were excited for Halloween in our home this year.  We were able to decorate a lot more and we especially loved putting something on our porch.  We are not into the scary ghoulish stuff so it was a very fall festive look.  Sean carved his pumpkin the Saturday before Halloween.  He printed off a template online.  It was a complicated dragon but it turned out quite nice.  Many kids complimented it when they were trick or treating.

That Saturday was also our ward's trunk or treat.  This year I didn't want to put much effort into my costume.  As a lady bug I didn't have to buy anything for my costume.  Inspired by the wig, Sean went as Slash.  We only had to buy the top hat and the inflatable guitar (Party City is AMAZING!).  Many people didn't recognize that it was Sean.  I think he really enjoyed dressing up.  It was a pretty good costume though.  We enjoyed handing out candy at the end of the night.  We couldn't believe how many kids were there!  There had to be over a hundred kids!  We actually ran out of candy before our neighboring cars.  Note for next year, bring twice as much candy!

My coworkers at work were asking me if I was going to dress up at work.  They said they had high expectations since I dressed up as Quorra last year (she's from Tron: Legacy).  If you forgot, this was me:

I felt pressure that I had to live up to last year.  I felt my Lady Bug outfit would be a let down.  As I was putting away the costumes from the trunk or treat, I decided to try on the curly wig and I had an inspiration.  I thought to myself that this hairstyle looks a lot like Inigo Montoya's look.  So that is what I dressed up as.  You probably cant see but I even put a scar on my cheek.  Of course everyone loved it.  Gosh, what will I do next year?!

Unfortunately the night of Halloween Sean had to work.  He was super bummed out that he couldn't be there to hand out candy.  It was fun to see all the different costumes.  The very first family was all dressed up as Mario Bros.  The dad was Luigi, the little boy Mario, the little girl Princess Peach and I could see Mom and Grandma on the street dressed as a Mushroom and Turtle.  It was pretty cute.  We're now looking forward to Christmas which the decorations in Santa Clarita are epic!  We're excited!