Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Local Activities

We've slowly been doing and seeing some of our locale attractions.  Here is what we've done lately.

Family Fun center has some decent mini golf

Some of the course was quite challenging-see that curve?!

Sean's favorite outing was the batting cages.
My helmet was way too big.  It kept falling down over my eyes, not a good idea when the ball is heading right towards you!

Up one of our local canyons is the site of the old St. Francis Dam.

Here's a map of where the dam broke and carried debris all the way to the ocean.

Here is what the dam looked like. 

This shows a portion of the broken dam

Here's what the dam is like now. There is still a pool of water, hence the green trees.  If you look closely, you can see rebar sticking out of those "rocks."
This is one of the water plants in the canyon.  During the '20s this plant was one of the only plants that watered LA.

We had to walk on this old road to get to the dam sight.  Sean thought this would be the perfect location to film a post apocalyptic movie.

More of the deserted road.

Vasquez Rocks are very famous.  They were named for a bandit that hid among the nooks and crannies, evading the law. 

If you saw Star Trek, Flintstones and a whole lot of old westerns or sci-fi shows then this place will probably look familiar.

The other no-so-famous parts of Vasquez Rocks.
To check out some movies that have been featured at Vasquez Rocks, you can go here and here.

We've enjoyed getting to know our neighborhood and cant wait to explore more!