Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Welcome to Marceline, the hometown of Walt Disney!!
 This is my kind of traveling!  Recently, Sean and I flew into Kansas City to go to a family reunion in Nauvoo.  My parents, Peyton and Cat also went along.  Peyton found out that Marceline was right off the freeway we were traveling on so we did a random stop to see Walt's hometown.  I really enjoy stopping at random locations between point A and B.  It makes the trip a little more adventurous.

One of our first stops was at the Dreaming Tree.  This tree was in Walt's backyard and he would spend time here observing nature and letting his imagination go.  The tree was hit by lightning so now its just the trunk.  I thought it was reminiscent of Rapunzel's tree in Tangled.

Near the Dreaming Tree was Walt's barn.  This is a replica but the original was where Walt would put on shows for a dime.  A couple years back they reconstructed it and now its a place where fans can go to tell Walt what he means to them.  I thought it was a very creative use of space.  Most places shun the idea of writing on the surface, but not this barn!

Peyton climbed the rafters to place his message.
The barn was just covered with messages!
My parents message
My message
Sean's Message
Sean writing his message
Dad taking a picture of his message

Next we walked Kansas Street which was the inspiration for Main Street USA.  At first glance it definitely did not look like the picturesque quaint street at Disneyland but as you looked around you saw similarities.  Things just looked familiar.  Like the placement of a window and a door, or the shape of the building.  Just little things.  I think if you put Victoria facades, then it would look like main street.  The theater was the one building that look the most similar to its counterpart.
Disney's home
Kansas Street, AKA Main Street USA
This looks very similar to the one in Disneyland
Inspiration for Coke Corner
Notice the name in the windows
Notice how the door faces the corner instead of straight on?  That's like Disneyland.
Peyton and Cat enjoying the Gazebo
Lastly we visited the Museum which was housed in the old train station.  It was really neat to see that.  Peyton had previously met Kay, the director of the museum (she also lives in Disney's old home) and we saw her at the museum.  She was absolutely tickled pink to have an imagineer at her museum.  
They had on display miniatures of Disneyland.  It was just a hobby of a fan.
Creative.  The bathroom has never been operational.
Map of Disneyland, although some of these did make it into the early days of the park, others like the Edison square didn't.
Can't leave without a shot of Mickey!

I definitely learned a lot more about Walt, the Man.  He was a great guy who, as I wrote in the barn, I believe was truly inspired!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark's Graduation

Sean's youngest brother graduated High School a couple of weeks ago.  We drove out to Rancho Cucamonga for the graduation.  I cant believe this little boy is all grown up!  I'm the youngest in my family so I've never had this kind of experience.  Now I know how my siblings felt about me "all grown up!"  I remember when I first met Mark.  When Sean and I were dating I flew out to Lake Powell to spend some time with his family.  Mark was cool enough to let me do something special with his hair . . . . I dont know if he ever watched The Little Rascals but he was a good sport for letting me mess with him.

Congrats on graduating Mark!  Have fun at BYU-I!

The Wedding!

The Happy Couple: My brother Peyton and my new Sis-In-Law Cat
 May 19, 2012
A happy, happy day for the families of Buhler and Card!  With this marriage both families are complete with every kid married!  Yeah! 

I remember the first day I met Cat.  She came over to my apartment to play Scotland Yard.  I think she was super confused by the game.  I dont think it helped that Peyton and I dominated the plays.  Later I hung out with her and we planned Peyton's going away party (he was moving to Hong Kong for work).  I participated in their engagement and was happy to be a bridesmaid!  Knowing how stressful weddings can be, this turned out gorgeous and perfect!  I wish I took more pictures of the reception location but when you are part of the wedding party you do not get to socialize as much as you would like or take the pictures you should have taken.  These will have to suffice.
Enjoying the posing for photos!

Along with Colleen, Cat's sister, Amanda, Belva and I were bridesmaids with matching skirts.

Me and my eldest brother, Brandon

Sean just couldn't wait to be a bridesmaid!  :)

I was super excited to wear my fascinator at the wedding.  I thought it went perfectly!  In fact if I could go back, I would have made people where fascinators at my wedding! :)

Sean's brother, Daniel, happened to be at the Temple for his friends wedding.  It was nice seeing him.  Plus I made him take pictures.  Thank you Daniel!

My mom's siblings came down from Idaho.  It was so great to see them.  Sean really enjoyed visiting their farm a couple of years ago.  Sean said he's never been in such a rural place.  My aunts and uncles must have loved driving in LA!

Biking with the Siblings

I've been waiting for May to happen for a couple of months now.  The big occasion was my brother Peyton getting married.  I was super excited for all my siblings to be in town.  The day before the wedding we decided to bike The Strand, starting at Venice Beach and stopping at Santa Monica Pier and Marina Del Mar.  It was so much fun!  We lost our way once and got a loose chain and was glad that we had the Cyclist Pro Chad on hand to guide us through these mishaps. 
Sean and I at Santa Monica Pier.

Brandon and Amanda enjoying the back area of the Marina

Sean decided to color coordinate with his bike.  Chad thought that was so cool he wanted to take a picture.
We stopped by the Canal streets.  I think living here would be so quaint!  (As long as you can give up having no yard)

Venice Canals