Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hiking Santa Clarita

I hate working out.  I get in these spurts of motivation to become more fit but I easily wimp out and claim I'm just too tired to do it.  I had a short bucket list of things to do before I left college and ironically the only one I actually completed was running a 5k.  I actually trained to get in shape for it.  Once I completed it I promised myself I would never run again.  And I pretty much kept my word.  

Now, I like working out . . . my way.  I've come to the conclusion that you really need to work out in the way that fits your lifestyle and personality.  I found my work out in hiking.  The last time Sean and I went hiking, we picked a trail that started out in a steep climb.  One minute in and I was totally huffing and puffing.  If I were running and feeling that way, I would have quit.  But hiking only made me determined to get past the hard part.  I would much rather huff and puff up a hill than huff and puff while running.  Call me crazy, but I would.  

With that being said, I have a new health goal of hiking at least twice a month.  I am proud to say I am accomplishing that goal.  I could walk along the paseos in my neighborhood (which really isn't a bad idea) but there is something about finding the trails outside of my neighborhood that piques my interest.  

Santa Clarita has a fair share of trails that vary in difficulty.  I found a website that specifically highlights the open spaces in Santa Clarita (one of the many reasons why I love the area-the open spaces will never be developed).  I've slowly been making my way through the list of open spaces.  

(Side Note: Some of my pictures formatted weird.  Don't judge.)

East Walk Ranch Open Space: A good work out.  Pretty decent climb in the beginning and loops around for the perfect length of hike.  Beautiful views of the homes in the little valley.

East Walker Ranch:  Perfect outing with friends!

Golden Valley Ranch Open Space: NOT a hike to do in the summer time.  It's located on the very top of a ridge with no cover.  The views weren't too special, it dead end at an overview of Target.

Towsley Canyon: Sean is a lot happier than he appears.
Towsley Canyon:  Two different hikes.  One is longer  and took us a bit over two hours but it takes you through some pretty cool scenery.  The shorter one is quick (about 45 mintues) but its pretty steep so its a great work out.

Haskell Canyon Open Space:  I liked this hike.  It had a few ups and downs for a work out.  It was at the bottom of a canyon so it might be doable in the hot summer months.
Haskell Canyon Open Space: We were confused at first when we discovered this in the canyon, then we realized this was a big place for bikers.

Haskell Canyon Open Space:  Another great place to go hiking with friends!

Quigley Open Space:  An interesting ride to this area, the roads were not maintained and you almost felt like you were driving down people's private drives.  We did an EASY hike of totally flat land for about a mile.  It went through some wooded areas (forgot to take pictures) so it would be a great place for summer time.  This particular loop was a bit too easy for me (completely flat-not much of a workout).  I can't wait to go back and try their different loops.

So that's it for now.  Those are our small adventures in hiking.  I'm looking forward to trying new areas and especially figuring out which ones I can survive doing in the hot summer months.