Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kings Game

We are so blessed by the friends we have.  We were lucky to have been invited to watch a Kings game in a suite by one of our friends.  I hadn't been to a Kings game before and was blown away by how loud and active the fans were.  There was constant cheering and chanting.  The night was full of great food and company with the only downside being the Kings not winning.  Maybe next time!

Poppy Reserve

Last Friday I played hookie and spent the day with Sean.  He had it off because Good Friday is a work holiday (ironically he had to work on Easter Sunday).  We decided to take a trip to Lancaster to the Poppy Reserve.  We were impressed with the vibrancy of the orange colors we saw in the area.  The reserve has several paths for walking and we ended up doing about 4 miles of hiking.  Ironically my camera battery died so I lugged around my big SLR for nothing.  I had to settle for iPhone photos instead.

Pismo Get Away

Living in Central California, our beach trips consisted of maybe one summer trip and the standard November trip because of us kids playing in the Pismo Band Review.  I have good memories of walking around this small beach town and I've been wanting to go back for a while now.  Sean had never been and he has been begging me to go to Hearst Castle so we decided to do a weekend getaway as part of our anniversary.

We spent a day roaming the small streets of Pismo.  It has a completely different feel than any other beach city in LA or OC.  We talked about how we want to have annual trips up here with our kids because it has such a small town feel to it.  We had breakfast at this cute cafe where they served crepes.  Lunch was, of course, at the Splash Cafe.  Sean got their infamous clam chowder in the bread bowl (which I snacked on) and I had their fish and chips.  We picked up some tasty candies including sour tape, salt water taffy and cinnamon bears.  We took long walks along the beach and even fell asleep near some dunes.  We hiked up steep residential streets to a nearby park which had great views of the area.  It was a bit overcast while we were there but that didn't disappoint us.  Nearby was a Hanford Street so of course I had to get a picture with the sign. 

This was our view from our hotel.

This sign was halfway down the pier.  Don't you think it should have been at the beginning?!

The next day we headed up to Hearst Castle.  I was amazed with the scenery on our way up the coast.  I never remembered it looking so gorgeous.  I've heard the central coast was a must see in California but I never really understood why until I took that drive.  it was BEAUTIFUL!  For me, most of southern California is not very pretty so I had low expectations of the central coast.  Boy was I wrong.  I now understand Hearst when he said the reason why he built his home in San Simeon was because it was the most beautiful place in the world.  I would highly recommend that drive to anyone visiting (or living) in California. 

Our trip was the perfect amount of time.  Sean said his favorite part was visiting Hearst Castle but mine was more simplistic.  I've been wanting a "work" ring so I don't have to worry about damaging my wedding ring at work.  We found the perfect one with small inlaid shell.  Its the perfect memento from a fifth anniversary trip. 

Five Years Later

Sean and I were married April 17th 2009 which means this past week was our fifth wedding anniversary. 

We first met on April 10th 2008 when I was on a vacation visiting my brother in Los Angeles.  We were getting together with a group of my brother's friends to watch an episode of The Office so we stopped by Sean's house who agreed to carpool with us to Pasadena.  We had just picked up some In-N-Out so when we were at Sean's apartment I had a picture taken of me with my In-N-Out.  Because of this image we know what I was wearing when I met him. 

Later we played some Rock Band together.  We went to Disneyland after that and spent the evening together.  I can't remember if we ever rode a ride next to each other but I do remember thinking I wanted to.
Snuck this one off of Facebook, one where we were next to each other.

Once I returned to Boston from my vacation I added my brother's friends as Facebook friends.  I think I might have waited to add Sean last because I didn't want to seem like I was anxious.  Sean remembers seeing one of the other guys was friends with me and was wondering why he wasn't friends with me yet.  It must have been a few days before I added him.  We eventually started Facebook chatting with each other and one night I wrote a message to him telling him if he ever was bored and wanted to talk to a girl on the east coast that he could.  I left him my phone number and immediately signed off.  I was too nervous to wait around for a response.  Within the week he called.

I kept inviting him out to Boston for a visit.  I figured he could have a semi-free visit out to a great destination--it wasnt necessarily for him to come see ME.  That would have just been an added benefit.  When he finally booked his ticket, I sort of freaked out.  It was a lot of money and I was concerned that I was leading him on in some way.  I was really unsure how I felt about it.  In the end I figured it would just be a fun weekend with a cute guy.

He came and we had a blast.  He was introduced to Vacations by Heike, well organized and informed, escorted tours.   He saw and experienced so much.  By the time he left I knew this was it.  It was just a matter of time and we would be getting married.

It took a couple of months but eventually I moved to LA that November, was engaged in December and married one year and one week after we met.  The past five years have been so much fun.  We've had so many adventures both great and small.  We count ourselves extremely blessed.  We're probably one of the happiest to be married to each other couples you've ever met!