Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Moving!

We bought a house in Valencia!  That means are new neighbors will be Magic Mountain, Taylor Lautner and the set of NCIS.  Personally I'm excited about the latter and Sean is excited about the former.

Friday marked the official day of our new ownership.  Sean went and changed the locks and discussed with our realtor the few upgrades we want done before we move in.  After we move in we'll be sure to add some photos.  But for now here are the stats: 3 bedroom house, 2.5 bathrooms, laundry room (is it dorky that i'm excited for this one?), dining room, living room and family room with fireplace and a large backyard!

We absolutely love the neighborhood and it's in a great location.  We are just down the street from the grocery store, gas station and the church.  This area of town is known for their Paseos which are paved and lighted walkways through the hills connecting the various streets and neighborhoods.  They even have bridges over the main roads so you don't have to cross the street. 

We feel very blessed to have this opportunity of owning a home.  Stay tuned for photos!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Vacation 2011

Both Sean and I had the week after Christmas off so we went to Mammoth Mountain with Sean's family for a super fun skiing trip. 

Our condo  was very nice and of course it had amazing views!  The best part of the condo was that it was literally right off the slopes.  We just skied to the back door.  Talk about great location!


Sean's a boarder and he took me boarding for my first time a couple of years ago at the Canyons.  I had fun but on this trip I really wanted to get back to skiing.  I've never been skiing for more than one day at a time so after this two day visit I was exhausted!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Nativity

Here are my Nativities from around the world.





Naples, Italy

Vatican City

Ok, so this isn't from another country, but I made these in High School.

Out With The Old, In With The New

This has been my phone for the past several years. 

I never really had a problem with it.  I didn't even feel left-behind when my parents upgraded to the new iPhone 4S.  My entire family had iPhones which meant that they were constantly iMessaging each other so I became kinda out of the loop.  I'm sure my parents didn't want a "left out" child so as a Christmas gift, they upgraded my phone to this . . . . .

Sean was kind enough to set it up for me (I think he was on it more than I was during the first 48 hours).  A definite pro is staying in touch with my family.  A definite con is the stupid keyboard that I dislike a lot.  I've always said that today's luxuries become tomorrow's necessities and that was one reason why I didn't want to upgrade.  I didn't want to waste my time on it and become so dependent.  I don't want my world to turn upside down if I accidentally left my phone at home.  So far I find myself not wasting too much time on it.  

Maybe I need some more interesting games, any suggestions?