Monday, October 12, 2015

A Whole Lotta Disney

We've talked for a while about getting annual passes to Disneyland especially now that we have Bentley.  We were debating on when to get tickets but when Sean had his birthday off from work we decided that was the day. 

It was a very warm day in Anaheim but the park wasn't as crowded.  We were only staying for a few hours anyway because we both had sport games to get back to at home.  We figured we would start small as we maneuvered Disneyland for the first time with an infant.

Bentley's first ride was Pinocchio which she slept the entire time.  I was a little surprised because that ride was loud for me!  We were encouraged by this knowing we could take her on anything.  We then met up with some friends and rode Its a Small World.  After that we caught some lunch and our friends had to leave.  We decided to try to do one Parent Switch (technically called Rider Swap) before we headed out so we went on Thunder Mountain (my favorite ride).  I ended up getting seated next to someone which got awkward after the first bend on the coaster when they rammed into me.  :)
In line for Pinocchio

I was a bit worried about her being burned since it was such a hot and sunny day
Bentley's first visit to Disneyland

Had to get a Birthday button for Sean since it was really his birthday
Birthday Boy and his Girl
We have friends who say to count the tram ride as a ride :)
Overall we had a great experience at Disneyland.  It was also such a fun way to spend Sean's birthday which was topped off with a softball game and seven minute frosting cake at home. 

We decided to go back to Disneyland a couple of weeks later.  This time it was less pleasant because it was on one of the Trick or Treat days and it got crowded!  But we made the most of it and went on a few rides as single riders and using Rider Swap.  So far our favorite Rider Swap is Space Mountain because you literally walk right onto the ride as the second parent. 
We always try to do something new so we went to the Big Thunder Ranch to look at the animals.  Good thing too since it will be permanently closing in January.

Single Riding it on Matterhorn.

Waiting for Sean after he did Single Rider for Indiana Jones.

We had another first visit button for Bentley when we hopped over to California Adventure

Bentley LOVED Little Mermaid.  I think all the bright colors were so interesting to her