Friday, March 20, 2015

Gender of Baby Madsen

Last week Sean and I decided it would be kinda fun to look at old wives tales to predict gender.  Here's what we got:

No Acne=Boy
Sweet Tooth=Girl
No Morning Sickness=Boy
Dry Hands=Boy
Chinese Calendar=Girl
Ring over Belly=Boy
Mayan Calendar=Boy
Carrying Low=Boy
High Baby Heart Rate=Girl
Dad Gaining Weight=Boy

So there you have it.  Majority of old wives tales indicate we should be having a boy. 

They're wrong.  We're having a GIRL!
To be honest we really thought we were having a boy so I was genuinely shocked when they told us it was a girl.  I told Sean, too bad you didn't record my reaction because it was probably good.  We're excited to be planning and preparing for baby girl Madsen to join our family this summer!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Halfway There!

This past Monday was 20 weeks for me.  I can't believe I am halfway through my pregnancy!

Here's my baby bump in all its glory!
Many have asked if I got "sick" (nice euphemism) and really I haven't.  I could count on one hand the times that I got close to being sick but never quite got there.  I was surprised to not sleep very well in my 2nd and 3rd months.  During these months I had a lot of neck pain (probably from sleeping bad) which led to a lot of headaches.  I think I got a lot of headaches too because of cabin fever.  Sean used to complain of cabin fever and I thought he was being a little whinny but now I totally get it.  I completely believe being stuck at home all day can really affect your health.

My 4th and now my 5th months have been great!  I have been sleeping so much better (I slept all the way to 4:30AM last night!).  My neck pains and headaches are infrequent and I've been very productive at home which helps with the cabin fever.  I've gone on lunch dates with friends and trips to the park.  I've upped my walking exercise to be outdoors more often.  I even attacked some home projects.  I have recaulked our shower, reupholstered our piano bench and am currently working on repurposing an old dresser to be the baby's new dresser.

The hardest part was removing the stupid staples that held the fabric together

Now we just need to get a matching rug
Speaking of baby, since I'm at 20 weeks every one is asking if we know the gender.  We have an appointment next week and have no fear, we will be posting the gender.  We are getting very excited because we feel like we cant move on till we know this information.  I have felt the baby move around and Sean has even felt the baby give a healthy kick.  We're excited for these to happen more often. I have officially started to outgrow my regular clothes.  Sunday I had to change my church outfit because once I sat down to put on my shoes I realized that I couldn't breathe.  Bring on the maternity clothes (which thanks to Goodwill I've picked up some good stuff)!