Sunday, August 26, 2012

Magic Mountain

Sean LOVES roller coasters.
I DO NOT like roller coasters.

We moved to Valencia which is the thrill capital of the world.  Go figure.

Sean bought a season pass to Magic Mountain and has gone several times to get his fill of thrills.  We had a free pass for a guest and I spent an evening riding the "low" thrill rides with him. 

My first ride was Roaring Rapids.  We were fortunate enough to not get soaked but still got some splashes to relieve the afternoon heat.  Then we headed over to Ninja.  I saw little kids in line so I thought to myself, I can totally do this!  I wasn't nervous as we chugged out of the loading dock and even after the fast drop in the beginning.  But as soon as my breath was out from my scream all that changed.  I immediately started to black out.  I saw the blackness come in towards the center of my vision and then it finally left.  I started to breath deeper throughout the ride and was silent as can be.  I could tell Sean noticed my lack of screams and I could sense he felt concerned.  When the ride was over I told him about me almost blacking out.  He then told me, I now know how to make rides more scary, ride them with you.  After that he was concerned about whether I would survive them or not.  I learned that little kids in line isnt a good indication of it being a good ride for me. 

Before picture on Ninja--Little did I know . . . .

Next we headed over to the Gold Rusher which also had little kids.  But the coaster was very small too so I thought for sure it couldn't be any worse than Ninja.  It was a lot zippier than I expected but survivable. 

Gold Rush was just my size!

Then we headed to the monster.  I stood at the entrance of Apocalypse and wondered if I could do it.  It was fast but the drops didn't seem that bad.  I decided to have courage and I did the ride.  I got a little nervous when I sat down but it helped that there was no line and we literally walked on (why cant it be like that at Disneyland!).  It was a lot faster than I thought it would be but I would have to say it was more doable than Ninja. 
Apocalypse--I still cant believe I went on that!

The one ride that got multiple rides was Jet Stream.  The drop was enjoyable and I was happy with how wet I got because it was a hot day! 
I decided to sit in the back since it got the most water

I was more soaked the second time

The three hours we spent at Magic Mountain was more than enough for me.  I still do not like roller coasters but I am glad I got to spend the evening doing something that my husband loves to do.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Amazing Race Here We Come!!!

Well, not really.

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE the Amazing Race.  It is absolutely my favorite show.  I've seen almost every episode.  I put everything on hold so I can watch it.  I even told my Home Teacher once that he had to leave because the race was starting.  A couple of years back my sister and I applied for the race but alas we didn't get picked.  I was naturally disappointed.  However, we've found the next best thing.

My brother introduced us to City Race.  It is a three-hour long scavenger hunt in LA.  We had to answer 26 questions within that time frame and we spent a very hot Saturday afternoon running around downtown LA.  It was a really fun experience because not only was it a race but we got to spend some time down town which is an area we do not visit too often. 

We ended up placing 2nd which was pretty impressive.  We answered all but one question and we even got some bonus questions.  We finished in 2 1/2 hours.  Next time we will play 1st!
Go Team Blue!  (I like how Sean is throwing signs)

One of our clues led us to this spot near the Staples Center
I dont know how anyone did it without phones

Hotel Figueroa--This was actually a really cool place

We had to look at the mural above this metro stop.
One of our competitors--they didn't stand a chance!
This answer was inside a Historic Building (Forgive the blurriness)
Since there was a team nearby we were trying to be sly and looked for the clue across the street.

Example of one of our clues.

Our Team, the Four Seasons!

Top Ten-the family in front was the winners

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glow in the Dark Miniature Golf

Since moving to Valencia a couple months back we try to get out as much as we can to explore our community.  We had some old Glendale friends over for dinner and afterwards we decided to try out the glow in the dark mini golf.  It was sort of ghetto and no one was there when we got there (8pm on a Saturday?!) but we really enjoyed ourselves!  This was the first time I have miniature golfed since college.  Despite the years, I did pretty well.  Sean beat us all with a great score!