Sunday, November 23, 2014

Angels Post Season

Sean's an Angels fan which means by default so am I.  Angels had a slow start to the season but by the end they were on fire.  They were heading to the Playoffs and Sean was pretty excited.  Their first playoff game was a Thursday.  I actually was not feeling well that day and so I took the day off from work.  Sean happened to be off that day also.  Around 10 he started toying with the idea of going to that nights playoff game.  I told him if he couldn't find someone to go with by 1pm that I would go with him.  He couldn't find someone to go last minute so in the end, slightly-sick Heike went to the Playoff game with her super excited husband.  Aren't I great?!  :) 

We put on our Angels gear and headed down to Anaheim.  We left early enough that we made a side trip to Downtown Disney and had some Beignets from the Jazz Kitchen.  We ordered a small (4 beignets) but the guy slipped in a large (10 beignets).  He must have been an Angels fan. :)

We had pretty decent seats and the game was slow but still exciting.  But in the end they lost and we were super bummed.  We don't regret going to the game though.  It was pretty cool being there for a playoff game. 

Weaver warming up

Trout heading onto the field

Starting Lineup

Can't have baseball without the American Flag

Navy seals jumped out of the plane

Just another day at work for the Seals

One was also carrying a flag so it was pretty cool.

We had a pretty cool view of Cal Ripkin

Oh, and let's not talk about the rest of the post season. . . . .